“Dr. Evil” globalist Jeff Bezos is now getting into the rocket engine business… but still can’t manage to get the Washington Post to stop printing fake news

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos can hardly be considered down to earth. In fact, his sights are set high up above in outer space, where he hopes to one day see spacecraft bearing rocket engines made by Blue Origin, another company he owns. But if he can’t even get his media conglomerate, The Washington Post, to stop publishing fake news, is it really plausible that Bezos is ever going to breach the atmosphere into the limitless beyond?

Some people think so, including Robert Meyerson, the president of Blue Origin. According to reports, Meyerson wants to sign a contract with United Launch Alliance (ULA), a private corporation that facilitates satellite launches for the United States government and others, to begin manufacturing BE-4 rocket engines in Huntsville, Alabama.

The BE-4 engine, Blue Origin’s company website explains, will be designed to rival the Russian-built engines that are generally the go-to used to launch payloads into space. By producing an American-made alternative, Blue Origin hopes to break into this lucrative market and make a big name for itself.

The company is considered to be a leading contender for the contract because last year it entered into a partnership with both ULA and the US Air Force to develop a new rocket propulsion system that will power the Vulcan, a ULA rocket ship created to carry heavy payloads into space. The hope is that a working model of the BE-4 engine will be ready for launch by the year 2020.

“Alabama is a proven leader in aerospace manufacturing with the highest-skilled workforce, business climate and leadership that we need to produce low-cost rocket engines that we need to protect the nation, (and) explore the universe,” Meyerson stated at a recent news conference in Huntsville.

Will Jeff Bezos start producing fake rockets to go along with his fake news at The Washington Post?

Just like Elon Musk is doing with his various pie in the sky endeavors, Bezos’ space corporation is relying on government handouts to make this all happen. The Alabama Development office is reportedly offering Blue Origin a whopping $50 million in state incentives to set up shop in Huntsville, including a $30 million tax credit for investment and up to $10 million in reimbursements for eligible capital costs.

Alabama taxpayers, in other words, are footing a good portion of the bill to get Blue Origin all set up in Huntsville. In return, 350 new jobs will be created, though it’s unclear how many of these will be occupied by Alabamans who were forced to help pay for Bezos’ entry into their state with his grand visions of space travel.

Meanwhile, The Post, which Bezos purchased back in 2013 for $250 million, is actively working against the interests of the American people by continuing to publish fake news about President Trump.

Just days ago, an “analysis” published by The Post accused the President of agreeing that Russia somehow hacked (or influenced or brainwashed or whatever) the American electorate to not vote for Hillary Clinton, and that he doesn’t actually believe that fake news kingpin CNN is actually publishing fake news.

The Post has also made it abundantly clear that it supports CNN, which recently saw three of its top journalists “resign” for publishing fake allegations about a Trump-Russia connection based not on evidence, but on a “tip” by some random “anonymous source.” Sad to say, the only source who’s been claiming this is Hillary Clinton, and she’s hardly anonymous.

“Composed of more than 700 journalistic hacks, the WashPo prints and publishes on line only that which supports and favors the dogmatic politics and the ‘extreme leftist’ agenda of Washington DC bureaucrats and their current globalist manipulators,” warns TruthWiki.org.

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